Woodland Park Middle School

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8th Grade Physical Science (CA State Standards)
8th grade studies Physical Science. The following areas and skills will be covered:
  • Motion
  • Forces
  • Structure of Matter
  • Earth in the Solar System
  • Reactions
  • Chemistry of Living Systems
  • Periodic Table
  • Investigation and Experimentation
8th Grade Teachers
Mrs. Cobb – Room 307
Ms. Braun – Room 303
Ms. Melgar- Room 103 
Ms. Walsh – Room 306
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7th Grade Life Science (CA State Standards)
In 7th grade students study Life Science. The following major themes will be covered:
  • Scientific Method
  • Classification
  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics
  • Plants
  • Evolution & Earth’s history
  • Human Systems
7th Grade Teachers
  Mr. Dunlea – Room 601
  Mr. Fredenburg- Room 106 
  Mrs. Marks – Room 305
  Ms. Walsh – Room 306


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6th Grade Earth Science (CA State Standards)
The course of study in 6th grade is Earth Science. The following topics are covered:
  • Investigation and experimentation
  • Plate tectonics and Earth’s structure
  • Shaping Earth’s surface
  • Heat (thermal energy)
  • Energy in Earth’s system (heat transfer)
  • Ecology
6th Grade Teachers
Ms. Culbertson – Room 610
Mr. Dunlea – Room 601
Mrs. Latatsh- Room 304 
Mr. Kennedy- Room 617 
Mrs. Osborn- Room 610 
Ms. Patchett- Room 302
Earth Science
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