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8th Grade Websites
Graphing Websites
Matter Unit Websites
Triple Beam Balance
Changes in State and Viscosity - first link
Changes in State and Viscosity  - second link
Changes in State and Viscosity  - third link
Chemistry Unit Websites
Molecule Building Lab - Check here after you build your models
Physics Unit Websites
Newton's Laws Research
Density Unit Websites
Interactive Buoyancy
Astronomy Unit Websites
Health Unit Websites
CST Review

Physical/Chemical Quiz
Jeopardy Review #1
Jeopardy Review #2

7th Grade Websites

Cell Unit
Genetics Unit
Evolution Unit
Earth's History Unit
Kingdoms Unit
Plant Unit
Human Systems Unit Part 1 Websites
Human Systems Unit Part 2 Websites
      Watch Understanding Neurons -Video for Middle School students   


      Read What is a neuron


      Or How a neuron works       

      Watch:  Neurons or nerve cells - Structure function and types of neurons


      And read:  Functional Classification of Neurons

2- Visiting Vision

      Go to http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/

      Or http://www.illusions.org/

      Sometimes our brains can interpret

      Can you read this?


      Sometimes our brains can be tricked

      Try one of these.


General Science
Lever Lab - Explore Learning
Popplet  -  How to use Popplet video 
6th grade Websites
Plate tectonics and Earth Surface
Earth Systems and Processes
Weather and Climate
Ecosystems and Resources
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