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  • Get Involved!

    If you are looking for ways to get involved, see this page for all of our current activities.  Be sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter
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  • Club Rush 

    Below is a list of clubs that were available last year and is expected to be similar this year.  We will update this list as new information becomes available.
    • A Capella Club.  Prsident: Celeste Najera.  Rm. 515.  Advised by Ms. Paul.  Meet on

    • Academic Team.  President: Gabrielle Wood.  Rm. 260.  Advised by Mr. Terrell.  Meet every Monday.  

    • Anti-Defamation League.  President: Jasmin Hernandez.  Rm. 680.  Advised by Ms. Baker and Mr. Rios.  Meet  Mondays at lunch in Rm. 365.  

    • Anime Club.  President: Lua Varner.  Rm. 685.  Advised by Mr. Butler.  Meet on Fridays at lunch.  

    • Art Club.  President:

    • AVID.  President:

    • Ballet Folklorico.  President:

    • The Beach Society.  President: Hannah James.  Advised by Mr. Ramirez.  Meet every other Tuesday at lunch.    

    • CSF.  President: Brian Chen and Saloni Saini.  Rm. ? and Rm. 515.  Advised by Mrs. Markgraf.

    • Chemistry.  President: David Garcia.  Rm. 680.  Advised by Termin.  Meet weekly.

    • Circle of Friends.  Advised by Ms. Vincent.  Meet Wednesdays at lunch.  

    • Danz d’Artes.  

    • Debate Club.  

    • Drama Club.  President: Connor Scott.  Advised by Mr. Frederick.  Meet every other week.

    • FIDM Fashion Club.  Advised by Mr. Villegas.  Meet 3 times a week.  

    • FCA.  President: Jahsh Barela.  Rm. 685.  Advised by Mr. Miller.  Meet Thursdays in the auxiliary gym.

    • Film.  President: Chelsea Valenzuela.  Advised by Mr. Ramirez.  Meet every other Tuesday in Ramirez’s room.

    • French Club.  President: Lua Varner.  Rm.  685.  Advised by Ms. Sestito.  Meet Wednesdays at lunch.

    • GSA.  Advised by Amelia Sanchez.  Dance 1.  Advised by Mrs. Segal.  Meet Wednesdays at lunch in either Rm. 265 or Rm. 270.

    • International Thespian Society.  President: Valerie Marquez.  Advised by Mr. Frederick.  Meet every other week.

    • Key Club.  Advised by Ms. Miller.  Meet every Friday.  

    • Lacrosse.  President: Nolan Wise.  Advised by Ms. Kivett.  Meet monthly.

    • MECHA.  President: Frida Cervantes.  Advised by Mr. Rios.  Meet monthly.

    • NHS.  President: Brian Chen.  Advised by Miss Yoder.  Meet once a week.

    • Optimist Club.  President: Shaela Gorman-Murphy.  No 4th period.  Advised by Ms. Paul.  Meet 1st, 3rd Thursday of every month in Rm. 315.

    • Photography Club.  President: Neelofer Shaik.  Rm. 540.  Advised by Mrs. LaVine.

    • Pen Friends.  President: Saloni Saini.  Rm. 515.  Advised by Mrs. Markgraf.  Meet every two weeks.

    • Planeteer Club.  President: Jessica Yi.  Advised by Dr. Termin.  Meet 2nd, 4th Wednesday at lunch in Rm. 455.

    • PLUS.  President: Emily Schall and Jocelyn Najera.  Both in ASB.  Advised by Ms. Baker.  Meet on Thursdays in Rm. 460.

    • Play/Film Analysis.  President: Dahlia Colak.  Advised by Mr. Frederick.  Meet monthly.

    • Pro-Life Club.  President: Katie Head and Alyssa Montano.  Rm. 515 and Rm. 280.  Advised by Mrs. Newman.  Meet Tuesdays at lunch in Rm. 355.

    • Robotics Club.  President: Neelofer Shaik.  Rm. 540.  Advised by Guseman.  Meet every Tuesday at lunch in Rm. 680.

    • Seeds of Success. President: Stephanie Vuong.  Advised by Ms. Nelson.  Meet twice a month.  

    • Students Helping Students.  President: Alejandro Monje.  Rm. 680.  Advised by Mr. Zonana.  Meet every Wednesday.

    • Surf Team.  President: Chandler Burns.  Advised by Mr. Franks.  Meet weekly.

    • SYNC.  President: Tanya Agrawal.  Rm. 555.  Advised by Mrs. Delagneau.  Meet Wednesdays at lunch in Rm. 535.

    • Travel Club.  President: Rina Laranang.  Advised by Mr. Pena.  Meet every other Wednesday.

    • Youth Stepping Up.  President: Jocelyn Najera.  ASB.  Advised by Mr. Boring.  Meet Tuesdays at lunch in Rm. 665.
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  • Every 15 Minutes

    MHHS is looking for parents to partner with MHHS and the Associated Student Body to host a large two-day, anti-drinking and driving event on campus in April 2015. The Every 15 Minutes program at MHHS is planned  in partnership with the California Highway Patrol, San Diego Sheriff's Dept, and San Marcos Fire Dept to help our 11th and 12th students make better choices when getting behind the wheel. We need 4-5 parents to be a part of the committee and help plan/coordinate the event. Meetings will be held once a month during the school day from October to April. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact Josh Way at josh.way@smusd.org or call 760.290.2722
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  • November 3 - MHHS PA Meeting 
    For more information and to RSVP, click here.  
    Meeting will be held in the Staff Lounge at the School at 6pm.  Be involved!
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  • SAT & ACT Prep Courses 

    IT’S ACADEMIC SAT & ACT ACADEMY is partnering with the Mission Hills High School Parent Association and is pleased to provide high-quality SAT & ACT Prep courses to our students.  It’s Academic will make a $100 donation to the MHPA for every MHHS student who registers for the SAT or ACT Prep course.  It is a great partnership! Please consider taking this opportunity to prepare your son or daughter to do their best on the SAT or ACT.
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WASC Focus Groups in Progress
Your Assistance Is VITAL!
Mission Hills High School needs your input for the 2015 WASC Self Study!  MHHS is currently in the midst of a massive self-study exercise to assess what they currently do as a school and examine opportunities to better serve our students. The most effective tool for this process is the use of Focus Groups in which staff, students, and parents collaborate on creating a plan for school improvement. 
Three out of four Focus Groups remain.  The school needs 15-20 parents to participate in each group. Parents will work alongside teachers, administrators, counselors, support staff, and students to help create a school-wide action plan which will help the school receive accreditation from WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). Staff and students have already begun working on the 2 year self-study.  But, parent participation is CRITICAL to the process. There are five different topics parents can choose from: Leadership & Organization, Instruction, Assessment & Accountability, Curriculum, and Culture & Climate.
Focus Group Meetings are scheduled for Sept 23, Oct. 28, Dec. 9, and Feb 17. The meetings will be from 7:30am- 8:30am in designated classrooms.
If you have any questions about the WASC Self Study process, please contact Josh Way at 760.290.2722 or email, but first click on the button below for more details and be a part of this very important and critical process.


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