Mission Hills High School

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ASB Leadership Sign Ups
March 7th to March 16th

Sign Ups: Simply come by the ASB room and let us know that you are interested, but signing up.


Comissions: On March 17th we will have a mandatory meeting with all of those interested and we will share all the many commssions (project teams) that they could interview for.

For example: Publicity make all our beautiful big posters. Pep leads all our Pep Rallies. Special Events creates new and interesting "moments" that happen on campus, like the time they made a heart for every single student on campus for Valentines day. Tech runs the sound system at all our events.

Comission Packets: Letters of Rec from teachers on campus and other paperwork needs to be filled out by each student.


Interviews: Every student will interview with Mr Sirimanne, our ASB director, and a panel.

We, as an Associated Student Body class, encourage all students to participate and have the opportunity to help make the 2016-2017 school year the best it can be!

Last Modified on March 10, 2016