San Marcos Elementary School

Expect Great Things

Welcome Back Letter

Dearest SME Families,

   We can’t wait for all of your children to come back to school!   Mrs. Harris and I LOVE making a difference in students’ lives, and for this reason we are so blessed to be able to work with such committed teachers and staff who LOVE this school and the children that come here every day. We are excited to get this year started, we have been planning and preparing all summer long. We have some new things planned for your children that we know will help them achieve academically!

Description: Matter. Your child matters to us as much as they matter to you! It is as simple as that.  Just like you spend time really listening to their dreams, supporting them in their struggles and celebrating their successes, we too want to get to know your child the same way. They MATTER to us! Just like you let your child fail and learn from those failures, we will do the same. We do this because we have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for your child; we believe they can do it if they put their minds to it. We also understand that YOU as a parent also matter. We know we can work as a team to ensure your child has a successful school year. When you read with your child, help them with their homework, talk to them about how to resolve a problem, TEACH them about their culture or family history and LOVE them they know they MATTER to you!



This is the message we want to instill in our students at school. As SME teachers, we believe that they are INCREDIBLE! We hope that our students feel in their hearts that we have faith in their dreams, that we believe they can do anything, no matter what, and that we will provide them with many different opportunities to be creative, to learn, to work, to fail and most of all to SUCCEED! Our goal is to make sure that we continue to help children grow into mountains and not feel like a grain of sand, every single day of school. I will reiterate again, and continue to do so, how lucky I am to work with such talented teachers who support this belief in children and who are as passionate as I am in the belief that our students are wonderful and can achieve!



As we look forward to what is ahead this year, Mrs. Harris and I are motivated by what is to come.  The teachers have been working hard to create and write new English Language Development lessons, which will help your child acquire English easier and quicker. We will be implementing and teaching the new math standards and are also starting to learn about the new English Language Arts Common Core Standards, which will be the new goals students will need to learn across the country. We will work with you as well to help you become familiar with them as the year goes on.



Also, I wanted to share that we were awarded our Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Grant again this year! What this means is that we will provide all children a fresh fruit or vegetable three days a week at school. We hope that this will give them more opportunities to eat healthy and be exposed to nutritious food at school.



We hope that you have been keeping your eyes open for those Back-To-School sales for uniforms. We will have the same uniform for next year (navy blue or white polo shirts, khaki shorts, pants or skirts, blue jeans), so make sure to stock up those nice new shirts that are on sale for $5.00 right now! ALL students like to feel special and have a fresh start to the year with new clothes!



On Friday, August 16th class lists will be posted outside in the front at 3:00pm. You will be able to find out your teacher’s name, go inside to locate the classroom and then walk outside to find the dot you will line up at on Monday morning. PTO will be outside selling school spirit shirts and other school items. School will be open from 3:00- 5:00 PM for this event.




With Respect,



Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Harris




Important Dates-



 Aug 11th - Front office open 8:00 am -3:00 pm                               Aug. 22nd -Kinder Orientation 4:00 pm



Aug 22nd - Class lists posted at 3:00pm


Aug 25- Back to School Meeting 1st & 2nd 6:00 pm       Aug 26th - Back to School Meeting 3rd-5th  6:00 pm




IMPORTANT- Please be sure to attend our Back To School Night and Kinder Orientation as we have some new procedures with dismissal and how you will be picking up your child after school every day.