Knob Hill Elementary School

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What is KHPS (Knob Hill Postal Service)?

The Knob Hill Hawk’s Post Office is open! Children will have the opportunity to write letters to any student or staff member at our school. Parents and friends are also encouraged to write to children at school. There is a Hawk’s Postal Service mailbox in the main office area where mail is collected for processing and delivery. Students in grades 4-5 will have an opportunity to apply for positions such as Postmaster, Mail Clerk, Letter Carrier, and Sorter. These students fill out an application and take part in an interview in order to be considered for the jobs. In addition to these jobs, each classroom has a classroom carrier to deliver the mail inside the classroom. Each area in the school has a street name and number as listed in the directory. Directories can be found in the main office, your child’s classroom, or here on the Knob Hill website. 
Postal Box
Last Modified on August 30, 2013