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safetySafety Patrol

For a current list of updated Safety Patrol assignments, please
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To ALL 5th Grade Students and Parents,
Safety Patrol is a very important group of students who want to give back to their school and take on a leadership position.  As in all positions of responsibility, there are a few requirements.
1.  Teacher Recommendation.  Teachers recommend students who show that they are punctual and trustworthy for such a serious position. 
2.  Students must have passing grades and no more than two detentions.
3.  Parents must also give permission, ensuring that their child can truly commit to the morning or afternoon position that students select.
Students are assigned a position for the year, either in the am or pm.  Students are scheduled for a 3 week shift at each post.  New positions always begin on a Monday and are posted the day before. 
There will be a chance for all 5th graders to sign up at the beginning of the school year.  Applications will be sent out at the start of school during the first few weeks.
Ms. Bailey, a 4th grade teacher, will be in charge of this program.  .  Thanks.