La Costa Meadows Elementary School

Today's Learning is Tomorrow's Future

SAI Team

(Specialized Academic Instruction)


Welcome to La Costa Meadows Elementary School.  We look forward to working with you and your child during the upcoming school year.  We believe that every child is important, and our school program is designed so that all children are motivated, challenged, and successful learners.


Learning Center Instructors

Kim Newton, Grades K/1st/2nd
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 Tami Pico, Grades 3rd/4th
Summer Froehlich, Grades 4th/5th
Kellyn Swenson, grades 1-3
Speech Therapists

Debra Stoermer

Allison Sleeper

Anna Orr




School Psychologist

Charlotte Stute

Adaptive P.E. Teacher

Kanoa Elizando
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Occupational Therapy
Jontue Koff
Anne Jordan