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Principal’s Safety Assurance Plan 2013 - 1014

Jennifer Carter, Principal


Alvin Dunn Elementary Safe Schools Plan has the goalof securing the well-being of our students in the event of any concern thatmight compromise the well-being of our students.  This plan addresses several core safetyissues to address this goal.  This planwas written and approved by the Alvin Dunn School Site Council with the goal ofdesigning a safety plan relevant to the needs and resources of the school andits students.  Alvin Dunn is home toapproximately 730 students.  Local lawenforcement and city officials were consulted during the writing and approvalprocess to assist the administration in designing a safety, disaster, and behaviorplan and visit annually to observe our drill routines.  The student population is approximately 87%Hispanic, so all of the rules, procedures, and policies are translated intoSpanish to assist both students and parents. 

Three essential components were addressed when writingthe plan.  The components are listedbelow, along with the strategies in place to ensure that student safety isenforced.


Assuring a Safe Physical Environment


·        Disaster plan, procedures and drills are designed and rehearsed to ensure the safety ofall students in the event of a disaster or armed intruder.

·        California Education Code and SMUSD Board Policies regarding behavior, suspension andexpulsion are communicated to students, parents and staff via parent handbooks,behavior assemblies and staff meetings.

·        Mandated reporting policies on child abuse, dangerous students and sexual harassment arepresented verbally and in written form to all members of the staff prior to theschool year. 

·        School discipline plans are communicated to students during the opening week of schoolassemblies and provide students with an understanding of the school rules aswell as rewards and consequences. 

·        Visitor policies are communicated and logs are kept to protect the safety of allstudents.  Student checkout proceduresare clearly posted for anyone picking up a child from school prior todismissal. 

·        The observation policy is provided to all parents who wish to observe in theirchild’s classroom. 


Assuring an Emotionally Nurturing Environment


·        Emotional assistance is provided to those students determined by the Student Support Teamas at-risk.

·        Student awards foster knowledge of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile.

·        Safety Patrol provides older children the opportunity to develop responsibility fortheir younger peers.

·        Students at Alvin Dunn are encouraged to check their behavior by referring to “TheDragon Way”:

o  MakeGood Choices

o  BeRespectful of Your School

o  DoYour Best


Student Resiliency Skills


·        Students are encouraged to exemplify the characteristics of the InternationalBaccalaureate learner profiles.

·        Red Ribbon Week activities stress drug awareness and a commitment to remain drugfree. 

·        Our Anti-Bullying Campaign encourages all students to “Stand Up to Bullying”.

·        Our school participates in the “Safe Schools Ambassador” program to help studentsbe kinder towards one another.

·        Apart-time school counselor teaches the Second Step curriculum in all classrooms

·        Structured teacher planning days allow teachers at each grade level to collaborate to planinstruction and assessment to meet the needs of all learners. 

·        StudentCouncil fosters student involvement and shared decision making.

·        The Site Leadership Team meets regularly to ensure students’ safety, emotional andacademic needs at each grade level are addressed and that the school climate isone of shared leadership.

·        Drills are scheduled and practiced throughout the year to assure that all studentsknow what is expected if a real emergency were to occur. 


The Alvin Dunn Safe Schools Plan is aworking document that helps to create an environment where children can feelsecure and grow.





Jennifer Carter                                                                                    EricaObrist

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Last Modified on October 14, 2013