San Marcos Elementary School

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San Marcos Elementary is proud to partner with Educational Enrichment Systems to offer high-quality preschool and prekindergarten  educational experiences for children ages 3 to 5. EES programs use a research-based curriculum to help children develop the social, emotional and academic skills to help them succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Students work on developing the language, math and cognitive skills that will prepare them well for an academic setting. They also refine social skills, such as cooperation, sharing and conflict resolution, that will help them feel confident as they move into the kindergarten environment.
EES teachers and directors are experienced, nurturing educators who are dedicated to growth of every child.

If you would like to visit our preschool or get more information about our preschool programs, please call 760-290-2980.  You can also visit our website

  Meet the San Marcos Elementary Preschool Director
  Abbey Sitar - Abbey has worked for EES for the past year.  She has ten years of experience  
   working with preschool programs 
  Abbey holds a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies, and is fluent in American Sign Language. 
San Marcos Unified Special Day Preschool Program
San Marcos Elementary houses a Special Education Special Day Preschool class. Students are placed in this program by the district based on their current IEP.
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